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Creating a garden which is comfortable and convenient for human use is the essence of a true garden.

Over time as a society we have slowly moved away from the sterile regimentation of front yard and backyard foundation plantings and more towards a natural gardening style. We have also learned that unless plants are structured and organized in a pleasing and functional manner, they will be nothing more than a collection of plants. It behooves one to consider their property as an open canvas, while perennial drifts, specimen trees, and shrub borders are broad brushstrokes throughout the environment.



Walls and patios are often referred to as the bones of a garden. They become the permanent framework of any well designed garden. Paths, gates, and terraces are what give the garden purpose, character and expression. 

A term we use often as designers is marry; our goal is to marry the home to the garden or the garden to the surrounding landscape. Combining the elements of stone, wood, and earth is precisely how mother nature achieves such excellence in her landscapes. Consider repeating the cultured or natural stone which faces your home in a well thought out winding path or terraced secret garden.



Do not be afraid to allow wood structures to weather and age.

In fact, over time they will blend into the garden and become one with their surroundings. In any garden design, the home should be considered the most prominent architectural feature. Think proportionately when dealing with wood structures and remember they are a part of the home and the garden.



There is no suitable replacement for the natural illumination of the moon and stars. However, with a well designed landscape lighting plan your garden can surpass mother nature and become practical and useable at any hour of the day or night.  

Outdoor lighting can create broad sweeps to illuminate a useable space or it can be implemented more subtly to enhance architectural features, guide a journey through a natural stone walkway and invite interaction and mystery into your space.   



An often overlooked, but vital element to any garden is water.  It’s fluidity, sound, and reflection evoke human interaction and emotion when present.  

A small reflection pool will mirror the sky, while the sound of moving water can insulate the garden and eliminate unwanted background noise.  With the use of water, an adept garden designer can help you retreat from a mundane routine to a serene oasis which will dissolve your stresses and replenish your mind and body.