Let us make your dream a reality.

Canopy Gardens is a contemporary landscape design, build, and maintenance firm. We pride ourselves on working with nature, not against it. Our mission is to create unique outdoor spaces that encourage interaction and enhance architecture.

In collaboration with each client’s ideas and lifestyle along with the use of global design trends, horticultural knowledge, and attention to detail, what originated as imagination, transcends into a unique outdoor space for your home or business.




The quintessential starting point for your outdoor space. This is where pencil hits paper and ideas are generated. Our full color plans are well thought out and unique to each individual project. We design spaces for you and yours.


We use our hands. Sculpting raw materials into your vision. Developing an idea on paper and transforming it into a usable reality. Your land is an open canvas, and we have all the intentions of creating a masterpiece.


Our horticultural services are available all year. We offer full, or a la carte outdoor maintenance services. It's entirely up to you. We design our maintenance services to work around your lifestyle.